Pool of resources:

A new pool of free resources have launched to support, Parents and Carers and Young People themselves in finding the right mental health support at the right time.

Visit the "what's new" section at https://thegoto.org.uk for more information.

If you’re a parent or carer who wants to provide emotional support to a child or young person with mental health difficulties, there’s help for you.

Visit the "useful resources for parents" via www.thegoto.org.uk  for access to the Marketplace and Needs Based Guidance resources for support and guidance.





Young Person digital resource:

A new resource has been launched to make it easier for children and young people in North Yorkshire to find mental health support.

Visit the Young Persons Guide to Mental Health via www.thegoto.org.uk  "What's in North Yorkshire for me" page for more information.

Get support for how you're feeling.

Feelings change from day to day for most people and sometimes you might need help with what's going on inside your head.

Your local NHS and partners have launched a pool of resources dedicated to support Children and Young Peoples Mental Health.