Barlow CE Primary School
Park Road
01757 618319
Dear Parents & Carers

Thank you for responding so promptly to the parent survey that was sent on Friday. We have collated the information and we have enough interest from families to begin to open up for pupils, starting with Year 6 on Monday 22nd June. We then aim to open up to Reception and Year 1 pupils from Monday 29th June and Year 4/5 on Thursday 2nd July.  Pupils requiring childcare from the wider year groups (Year 2, 3 and 6) based upon the criteria of ‘vulnerable’ may begin on Thursday 2nd July. 
The closing date for the survey was on Tuesday; following the survey deadline, we are now full in our childcare provision. If you wish to start accessing childcare or teaching provision, please email school in the first instance to go on the waiting list. It takes hours to collate the information and write the risk assessments based upon the number of bubbles, available staff and the number of pupils requiring childcare/teaching and we have written them matched to the number of children in school each day. I wish to re-iterate the point that we have tried our best to ensure that the setting is as safe as possible for your child’s return, as highlighted in the information below and the risk assessments attached. The Local Authority has reassured us that they are unaware of any cases reported at local schools, but the virus is airborne and also a ‘super spreader’, so there is always an element of risk, no matter how careful we are.