Woodland Trust Bronze Award Barlow

We are pleased to announce that Mrs Hall has been working hard with the children to obtain our Woodland Trust Bronze Award.  Please see the attached certificate.

The school had to achieve 5 points to pass the Bronze Award. For this Mrs Hall had to engage the children to complete 3 tasks from a list that the Woodland Trust supplied.  Mrs Hall chose the following tasks:-

  1. Tell us about ways you recycle in school – Mrs Hall explained how the paper and card are recycled in school in our environmental waste bin and how plastic milk cartons and tins from the kitchen are also recycled in this way.  She explained that we collect old clothes also.  Mrs Hall explained how as a school we are concerned about the current global climate and that we are looking at a number of other ways to recycle batteries and printer cartridges.
  2. We dressed a tree in December (please see the gallery photos).  The children wrote poems on a leaf-shaped piece of paper, coloured them in and attached all the poems with string to a chosen tree.  Ryan from Class 1 said his own tree prayer and then everyone hugged the tree.
  3. Tell us about your school – Mrs Hall explained that we are a small rural village school south of Selby.  She continued to explain what we offer to our pupils during their lessons, so that they can become rounded pupils with first-hand knowledge and experience of life skills.

Mrs Hall is now working towards the silver 10 points and is choosing which activities we can engage the children in to achieve this award.

Please see our photos of Class 1 children hugging the tree in the attached photo gallery.  We thank Mrs Hall immensely for enhancing our pupils love and knowledge of nature and their environment and for enabling our school to achieve this fantastic Woodland Trust Bronze Award.