Children in need

The children and staff got spotty and stripy for Children in Need on Friday, 13th November and raised a total of £56 in contributions.  Thank you for your donations. 

Here are some quotes from some of our children in Class 3, describing how they spent their day.

Erin " We designed posters about Children in Need and also talked about Acts of Kindness."

Mia Sp "We drew pictures of Pudsey Bear and also designed our own bears. For example, a beach Pudsey, a businessman Pudsey and so on!"

Jack " We made a quiz all about Children in Need for the others in the class to answer"

Tyler " We learnt about how Pudsey got his name from Joanne Bell, who was the designer of Pudsey and lived in Pudsey, Leeds".

Class 2 discussed how to be a kind person at home, in school and in the community.  The children made posters using their ideas and pictures.  They also decided to do 100 random acts of kindness and they are awarded a heart to stick up on the wall every time they do a random act of kindness - when they reach 100 hearts there will be a special celebration.