Barlow Debating Team 2020

On Tuesday 10th March, our federation schools attended a debating competition with a total of 10 teams at Selby District Council Chambers.  The children attending from our school with Mrs Janet Smith were Laurence, Olivia, Tyler, Elizabeth, Penny and Hope and the judging was done by a team of 4 District Councillors.

The order of play was fairly drawn out of a hat and fortunately the Barlow children didn’t have to go first. This year the number of questions was limited to four per team and the children had prepared more questions than they were allowed to ask.  Understandably, all of the children were nervous upon entering the chambers but when it was our turn on the stand, Laurence and Olivia spoke clearly and carefully and didn’t stumble at all and they both made eye contact with the audience.  Although we didn’t win, it was a very enjoyable experience with the children giving their best performances throughout the morning.