Monday 2nd March 2020

Class 2 and 3 were joined for the day by a Roman Legionary, Atticus from the Northern Forge.  Atticus spent time introducing himself to the children, including the world he lives in, where he comes from, what his daily life is like and what he wears.

Following on from this, the children moved on to handling a broad range of historical objects from Roman everyday lives.  A full overview of the period was given, using a variety of replica objects to illustrate different aspects of everyday life with topics being introduced such as Hearth & Home, Food & Drink, and Fashion, Travel & Trade/Ships & Seafaring, Religion & the Gods, and Weddings.

The afternoon session consisted of two, hour-long workshops which cover some of the bigger topics to encourage the children to think actively. These sessions were: Roman and Norman catapult making, and the ever-popular Weapons & Warfare!  The day was rounded up with a ‘question and answer’ session and a recap of the key facts that the children learned about.  Finally the children were rounded up on the playground with their man made shields and weapons to be led by Atticus to perform battle drills.