School punishment of the past

Our Nursery is now well and truly open but whilst having a sort and clear out to make room for the new changing area, Mrs Alnajjar and Mrs Edenbrow came across a Punishment Book dating from 1900 until 1932 when Barlow C of E School was Barlow National School. Most of our parents are too young to remember Corporal Punishment in schools but it did legally take place until 1986 in all state-supported schools. The Punishment Book records the name, age, class, offence and punishment which was metered out for a range of behaviours. The range of behaviours such as stupidity, insolence, impertinence, quarrelling and copying were punishable by between 1 and 5 strokes of the cane on the hand. For the more serious behaviours such as for letting a fellow pupil copy work and lying, or stealing were punishable by 2 strokes on the back. Some other unusual incidents recorded for which children were caned were for being late through following some Foxhounds on the way to school, throwing stones at a horse, refusing to come to school and for climbing hedges and being impudent to a farmer. Proud to be part of The White Rose Federation Thank goodness that this practice has been outlawed and our children are taught to conduct themselves appropriately in a compassionate way, rather than being beaten into conformity.