Earth Day Logo

On Thursday, 22nd April the whole school celebrated Earth Day to inspire us to act towards the protection of the environment and focus on the need for conservation.  Our children all looked fantastic on this day, wearing blue (to represent the sky) or green (to represent the land), or a combination of both colours. 

Class 1

We had an exciting day in Class 1 celebrating 'Earth Day'.  We began our day by reading the story 'The Tale of a Toothbrush' by M.G.Leonard.  We followed Sammy the toothbrush on his epic journey and discovered the problem with plastic and what we can do to help.  We decided that it would be a good idea to upcycle some of the plastic we throw away so we used toothbrushes to paint some magnificent pictures.  We also saw some pictures of turtles that had unfortunately eaten plastic bags because they thought they were jellyfish, how sad! In the words of Charlie “When we go to the beach for a picnic we need to throw our rubbish away so this doesn't happen” .... great words Charlie, thank you.  We also sorted through a range of different types of rubbish (visually) into things we can compost, such as egg shells, grass cuttings and items that can’t be composted, such as tins and glass bottles which can go into our recycling bin.  Everyone enjoyed wearing green and blue representing the land and sea.

Class 2

We looked at the impact of deforestation on Orangutans as part of our Rainforest topic.  The children made campaign posters to convey their thoughts and feelings about the uses of palm oil by some companies.

The photographs below showing Annabel wearing the t-shirt that she thoughtfully designed, Henry and Sofia with their rainforest poetry and other rainforest poems from other members of Class 2.

Class 3

We researched palm oil and then completed a reading comprehension based on the effects of palm oil on the environment and how many products are manufactured using it as an ingredient.  The children were quite surprised by how many products used it and so diversely such as shampoo, make-up, soap, crisps, bread, etc.

We then held a debate based on the Paris Summit where children were given different points to share that were led by the chairman. This gave the children an insight into why some people may be against change to improve our climate. They then also shared their own opinions and ideas about climate change after hearing what was shared.