cookery club

Cooking Club has taken off this half-term with Mrs Janet Smith sharing her healthy recipes with the children who eagerly attend. 

They have learnt how to prepare all of their own raw ingredients whilst following a recipe with perfect timing, finishing with a culinary delight such as mushroom risotto, berry crumble and sweet pepper and tomato pasta.  As you can see in the photos in the gallery the children are very capable of using different utensils to prepare their raw ingredients and with Mrs Smith’s expert tuition are able to do so safely.   As you can see, Evie is having a grate time!

The children in Class 1 having cooking lessons also every Friday with Mrs Smith which is diversified to cater for the ages of the children.  Pictured in the gallery are Henry, Poppy, Jacob and Georgia with their interpretation of a colourful Paul Klee painting using alternative edible ingredients to make bread art.  In the last couple of weeks the children in Class 1 held a Bake off!