Rugby Club

Adam Prentis, Rugby Coach with York City Knights Foundation has been delighted to return to our school and have the opportunity to run a Rugby Club with Mrs Hall. 

 Adam advised "Our Primary Rugby League programme consists of offering staff an up-to-date range of methods to engage children in PE. We hope all children enjoyed the sessions and we’re pleased to see the progress made each week. It is vital that children are given the opportunity to practise fundamental movements and have a positive experience of PE in their early years.

Mrs Hall said "The staff and children were pleased to welcome Adam into our school to coach the pupils and engage them in the basics of rugby.  It was fantastic to observe the children from Class 2 and Class 3 developing their skills and 'tackling' the knowledge surrounding this popular sport.  It was also very encouraging that 15 children ranging from Reception to Year 6 took the opportunity to extend their sporting abilities by joining Adam and I at our after-school Rugby Club. Feedback from the pupils, staff and Adam couldn’t have been more positive.