We had a fantastic trip to Jorvik Viking Centre. The children were able to see archaeological evidence of Viking life as it would have been in Coppergate. We took a trip in a time capsule, becoming fully immersed in the sights, sounds and smells (Some of which were particularly pungent!.) The children felt as though they were part of history during this part of the exhibition which was lovely to see, feel, hear and smell.

We were able to identify various artefacts and their uses and the children were fascinated to learn how much information can be uncovered about the Vikings, just from their bones!

Throughout the visit the children displayed fantastic behaviour and wonderful listening skills and we were all very proud of them.

In class the children have been making their own Viking longboats with various materials which can be seen in our photo gallery.

To accompany the topic of Vikings and our visit to the Jorvik Viking Centre in York, Class 2 have been investigating artefacts from the Viking era, discovering shoes, games, cutlery, jewellery and fabrics, as well as a very impressive horn!  The children have been working in groups and creating a fact file to present to the class as a whole. The children have really enjoyed their topic this term and we can't wait to see where on our timeline we will be visiting in the Summer term!