On Friday, 18th February 2022 the whole school had a great day learning about the work that the World Wildlife Fund does for animals and the wider environment.  We raised £48 for them, so thank you for all of your contributions.

The children in Class 1 came to school in a range of animal costumes, animal prints and clothes that reflected their favourite animals. Throughout the day we discussed many ways that we can help protect our natural world. Here are some quotes from the children and I couldn't put it better myself. 

“If we don't look after the animals, like elephants, and stop people killing them, there won't be any elephants on earth any more and that's sad” - Charlie 

“I love animals, so we mustn't put our rubbish in the sea for the jellyfish to eat it and hurt their tummy” - Georgia.

The children in Class 2 took part in lots of activities, including designing their own animal.  The event was timed perfectly and followed on from the work that the children have been doing to create their own myths and legends.