Our federation schools invited PCSO Joe Spooner in to provide an assembly to Year 1 to 6, entitled Making Communities Safer.  PCSO Spooner covered the topic of Anti-Social Behaviour, and how ASB is likely to:

  •  Cause harassment, alarm or distress to another person
  • Cause a person to feel personally threatened.
  • Cause a public nuisance or impact upon the environment, such as noise, fly tipping.
  • Negatively affect the quality of life of an individual or the community as a whole

He also explained how ASB can: -

  • Cause fear to others.
  • Make a community feel unsafe.
  • Cause someone to feel victimised and frightened.
  • Cause damage to property.
  • Result in violence.
  • Include shouting and/or name calling.
  • Could lead to a criminal record and being arrested.

PSCO Spooner wrote to us after the event to thank us for inviting him into our schools.