World Book Day

World Book Day 2022 was a HUGE success with every adult and child in school getting into character and dressing up with vigour!  As you can see from the photos below, we had so many characters ranging from Harry Potter to Spiderman.  Behaviour management took on a new theme with any unruly land-lovers being made to walk the plank by Long John Silver and Blunderbeard (aka Mrs Hall and Mrs Briggs).

The day started with all of the children congregating in the Library with the older children reading and sharing stories with the younger children. 

The children in Class 1 voted Julia Donaldson as the author they wanted to celebrate on the day. Leading up to the day we read a wide range of her books with ‘Superworm’ being a particular favourite of all her stories! On the day we had a wide range of craft materials on display and the children were able to choose what materials they wanted and make things linked to her books. The children made new sparkly wands for the witch from ‘Room on the Broom’, as sadly she lost hers in the wind. They also made ‘Gruffalo’s using chocolate playdough with purple sticks for the prickles down his back and masks. ‘Stickman’ even got some snazzy new clothes to wear.  In the afternoon Mrs Smith helped the children to make ‘Gruffalo’ chocolate crispy buns which looked scary with many having terrible tusks! 

The whole school wrote a story together in collaboration with the start being written by the children in Class 1, middle by Class 2 and the end by the children in Class 3.  During assembly at the end of the day the children enjoyed listening to the full story that they had helped to write.

The Class 2 children were given the middle section of the Barlow School story to write and they gave it their usual sense of flair and imagination, definitely changing the genre and direction of where we had picked it up from Class 1.  Great collaborative work and interesting contributions to the discussion made the story exciting for the hand over to Class 3. 

Class 3 had a very busy day, designing badges for the 25th anniversary of World Book Day, along with an advert for the children’s favourite books on the computers. The children also enjoyed acting out and performing Chapter 1 from The Iron Man which is one of the favourite book choices of the class.