Reflection Area

As a Church of England school our daily act of Collective Worship is a special time that brings together members of the school community.

At the beginning of an act of Worship, we light a candle and one of the children opens the worship as we make reference to the holy trinity.

Worship is led by teachers, children and visitors. 

Groups of children are encouraged to prepare and lead worship based on one of our themes. These opportunities allow them to gain valuable leadership experience and extend their ability to think and reflect on a wide range of global issues.

Our worship is further enhanced by visits from local ministers, including Reverend Pete Watson, from St Wilfrid's Church, Brayton. The children are further challenged to think, ask questions and share their views about the world around them.

We look forward to regular visits from the church’s “Open the Book” team, who really make the stories in the Bible come alive! Once a month, we welcome into school a team of Church volunteers who run a programme called ‘Open the Book’. The volunteers retell bible stories, focusing on Christian values, through drama and singing.  Each session, different pupils are selected to take on a role in the scene and dress up in simple costume, reading simple lines.  The audience really do enjoy these stories which help to reinforce our teaching about Christian values.