Islam Day in school

We follow the York's Advisory Council on Religious Education (SACRE) guidance when planning the RE curriculum in school. Religious Education (RE) is not part of the National Curriculum, but must be taught in schools by law. The syllabus must be produced locally and is known as the 'Agreed Syllabus'.

SACREs are legally responsible to advise Local Education Authorities (LAs) on RE teaching and collective worship and ensuring compliance to these.

The Agreed Syllabus must legally be reviewed every 5 years. The LA has to arrange an Agreed Syllabus Conference to facilitate this, which involves the same groupings as a SACRE.

York SACRE aims to:

  • promote a high quality Agreed Syllabus
  • help teachers and schools raise standards in RE teaching
  • help schools improve the quality of collective worship
  • contribute towards social cohesion, particularly in respect of improving religious and racial harmony within the community