Open the Book drama collective worship

In reflection of our distinctive Christian vision to represent ‘one family branching out together,’ the three schools in our Federation are working together to broaden the horizons of our pupils and introduce them to people of different faiths and cultures. Over the next year, we will be welcoming in visitors to the Federation who represent and champion different faiths and beliefs. These will include: a practising British Muslim, a Roman Catholic priest, a practising Hindu, a practising Sikh and a practising Buddhist. We are confident that these experiences will equip our pupils to show respect and understanding for people who are different from them.

We have a Church service to celebrate the Harvest, Christmas, Easter festivals which are led by the local vicar. 

In October 2019, we welcomed Yazi into each of our schools within the federation to spend a full day at each school learning about Islam.  The photos and a summary of the day is available to view in our news pages.

We also display work from our children that evidences reflection about an event in the past, historical or cultural.