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The school is proud of its strong links to the community, local church and the Diocese of York and the Worship Group consider how we engage with our church community.   

Our Worship Group play an important role during our collective worship assemblies. The children were voted onto the Group by their peers in an election. We each have a day in which we open our collective worship by lighting a candle, welcoming all the children and then closing our worship with a prayer. We are also currently working on writing a new school prayer! We make suggestions about worship, taking into account the views of everyone in our school, helping to ensure that we continue to have lovely collective worship assemblies!

Maria and Leo shared their thoughts on what it means for them to be part of the Worship Group.  “It’s really fun because you get to do the prayer but I get a bit nervous standing up in front of the school.  Next year I want to give the certificates out.” Maria (Class 1)

“I like giving the certificates out and saying the prayers.” Leo (Class 2)

Our School Worship Group members in 2023 are Phoebe and Scarlett in Class 3, Leo and Charlie in Class 2 and Maria in Class 1.