As you will be aware the children in Class 2 and Class 3 are studying WW2 and delving deeper with some research, including some articles from home and creating their own air raid shelters in class.  

Along with their fellow classmates, two of the girls in Class 2 have been keen to do their own research at home.  Georgia (pictured) has been researching Anne Frank and has produced a beautifully written account of Anne's life.  Lacey has been delving into her own family history, discovering that her Great, Great Uncle George (pictured in the gallery) was conscripted for National Service at the age of 21 and her Great Grandad watched his big brother depart for France with the Durham Light Infantry during the war.

The children have been reading Code Name Bananas by popular children's author David Walliams which is about a boy called Eric who tries to save his friend Gertrude the gorilla from the zoo, as bombs rain down on the city.  The children have also been reading The Lion and the Unicorn by Shirley Hughes, a tale of an evacuee who is sent from London to the country and the book contains stories from real-life evacuees, taken from the Imperial War Museum.

Class 3 are pictured below with a mystery to solve!  They were invited by their teacher Mrs Hugill to list what evacuees would need to take with them when leaving home and to see what items were revealed when the box was opened.  Erin said "It was amazing how many things could fit into such a small box."  Mary was surprised and said "It was crazy how few things the children took with them compared to what children would take now."  Eva said "I was surprised that the children had a magazine and a kit-kat chocolate bar to take with them." 

The Children of Class 3 are also reading When the Sky Falls by Phil Earle which is based on the true story of an evacuee who lives with a woman with no fondness for children but a love of the rundown zoo she owns and it's silverback gorilla, Adonis.

Studies will be enhanced by the trip to Eden Camp in the first week of November.