The Pupil Premium is additional DfE funding for schools in England for pupils who are either in receipt of Free School Meals (£1,345), are, or have been, a Looked After Child (£2345) or are, or have been, Service Children (£310) those with parents that work in the armed services). Nationally these children can be vulnerable to lower attainment and the aim of the funding is to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils of all abilities and to close the gaps between them and their peers. It is for schools to decide how Pupil Premium funding is spent according to the needs of their pupils.

We strive to ensure:

We provide quality first teaching and learning opportunities which meet the needs of all our pupils.

We recognise that not all pupils who are registered for Free School Meals or who are Looked After children are disadvantaged.

Funding is allocated following analysis to identify priority areas. The report below shows how we spent the funding of £5840 which we received in 2019/20.  A Pupil Premium Strategy document is under review to evidence this.

In 2020/2021, schools receive £1,345 for Free School Meals pupils in Reception to Y6 and £2,345 for any pupil identified as a Looked After Child in the January census. Looked after children are those children who have been adopted, subject to a special guardianship order, a child arrangements order (previously known as a residence order) or who has been in local-authority care for 1 day or more.  

Barlow Primary School will receive £6275 of Pupil Premium Funding in the financial year 2020-2021 and plans are in place to spend it in this way.

Pupil Premium Funding Plans 2020-2021
Support Funding Impact
ATA SEN £2345 To directly support a child in school with 1:1 support to ensure progress is maintained in line with expectations.
Pastoral Support Worker £1380 To employ a Pastoral Support Worker to help support families with social, emotional and mental health needs, thereby positively impacting on the pupil's health and wellbeing and progress in school.
SENCO £450 To help fund the skills of a federation SENCO to ensure the provision in each class is matched to children with additional needs.
Breakfast Club & milk £100 To offer free Breakfast Club and milk to pupil premium children should they request it.
Cookery in school £1355 To help fund an ATA to deliver weekly cookery sessions in school, covering healthy choices, trying new flavours, teaching key cooking and chopping skills, food hygiene and boosting self-confidence in this area.
ELSA £1271 To help fund an Emotional Literacy Support Assistant to deliver sessions each week to children who are need of emotional support.
Therapy Dog  £625 To help fund an ATA and her therapy dog visit school regularly to meet and chat to children, 'listen' to readers, encourage exercise by walking Twig around the field, and offer a non-judgmental ear to children who need to let off steam.
Residential Visit support £200 To offer pupil premium children in Upper KS2 half price residential visits.
Total allocated  £7726  

Parents and Carers who think their child might qualify for Pupil Premium funding are asked to contact the headteacher for more information.

We would wish to encourage all families who feel they may be eligible for Free School Meals, to claim them, as not only does it support you in the health and care of your child, but it also supports their learning in school. For further information please visit: or click the link below for an application form. All matters regarding Free School Meals and the use of Pupil Premium funds are treated with discretion and in confidence.